What is Acrylic Coated Wallpapers?

Acrylic wallpapers are the alternatives to vinyl wallpapers. These wallpapers have a base of paper that has been created with acrylic.

What is Acrylic Coated Wallpapers?

The wallpapers have become the most crucial part of home-décor. With fantastic design and excellent color combination, they can change the complete look of any room. The popularity of the usage of wallpapers has been increasing with each day. Therefore, now you can get a variety of wallpapers, and acrylic wallpapers are also one of them,

Acrylic wallpapers stand out among other options because of their affordability and durability. They are effortless to clean, eco-friendly, and breathable. Above all, acrylic wallpapers have been competing in the global market very efficiently.

So, if you are confused about selecting the wallpaper for your room, no need to stress out, here, you can find everything about acrylic wallpapers and why you should choose them!

Acrylic Coated Wallpapers

Acrylic wallpapers are the alternatives to vinyl wallpapers. These wallpapers have a base of paper that has been created with acrylic. And, the acrylic printing constantly forms a 3D print just over the wallpaper.

Excellent ventilation makes these wallpapers breathable. The wallpapers are safe for the environment and pretty durable. Though the thickness of the wallpaper is low, they constantly change the complete look of your walls, and you can get a remarkable appearance of the room.

You can use these wallpapers in every room, even in the bathroom where humidity is very high. In addition, the acrylic wallpapers are safe for the environment and yourself as well. And, you will never face any difficulty while cleaning these wallpapers.

Types And Features Of Acrylic Wallpapers

Making the acrylic and vinyl wallpapers is just the same, with some minor significant changes. These wallpapers have two layers, a base and a decorative layer that contains acrylic printing. These types of materials offer you several advantages and longer service life.

Acrylic wallpapers have gained immense popularity over the last few years, and air can easily pass through them. The best thing about these wallpapers is their eco-friendly nature. The wallpapers available in the market offer you a wide range of protective coatings and patterns.

Acrylic wallpapers have small varieties with different shades, colors, and structures. The two main acrylic wallpaper types are following:

  1. Paper Basis Acrylic Wallpaper

The paper basis is made of one or more layers of paper. It is a perfect choice for bedrooms and children's rooms. You can easily glue it on your walls like others paper canvases. You can choose some of the fantastic and catchy acrylic printings to make kids' rooms more beautiful.

You can use these wallpapers directly onto your wall, treated with glue without any smoke breaks.


  • High quality
  • Friendly material
  • Having lightweight
  • Easily wiped with a sponge
  • Variety of colors


  • Weak water resistant
  • Special glue required


  1. Non – Woven Acrylic Wallpaper

Non - woven acrylic wallpaper is an original mixture of natural fibers used to make coffee filters and tea bags. These wallpapers are easily washable; you can use them in your kitchen and bathrooms because they do not trap in water vapors.

Non – woven has an excellent reinforcing layer; wall canvas does not break it even if there is a tiny crack on the drywall. The cracks appear as a result of the improper fitting of wallpapers. Everyone can glue these wallpapers easily because they do not need to be soaked when spreading with glue.


  • Very adorable
  • Long term material
  • Easy to clean
  • Simple maintaining purity
  • Very light-resistant


  • Much smaller in size
  • Little bit harmful


How To Choose Acrylic Wallpaper?

You can choose acrylic coating wallpaper according to your room's interior, and unusual colors fit a modern and bright style room interior. Plain wallpapers are a perfect choice for the broad color scheme with the furniture of the room.

Bright colors and large drawings are not perfect for small rooms because they will visually reduce the room even more. Choosing a perfect design according to your room size, style, and interior color is better when buying acrylic wallpaper.

It is not essential to choose an expensive wallpaper of foreign brands while buying. A well-known manufacturer is enough to purchase, and their name will help assure the quality of buying.

How To Clean Acrylic Wallpaper?

The wallpaper is very easy to clean. You need to take a container with clean and warm water, soak a sponge or rag in it and squeeze the wallpaper as well. During cleaning, do not rub too much and apply pressure on the wallpapers.

It would be best to keep in mind that you do not use any harsh solution on the top of the acrylic wallpaper because it can damage them. After cleaning, the wallpaper will recover its original look. Liquid wallpaper for a bathroom is an ideal solution; you can apply it correctly and use it to go. It is enough to clean your acrylic wallpaper surface once every three years.

How To Glue Acrylic Wallpaper?

The glue quality affects the wallpaper base.  The paper-based wallpaper can be used with any glue and results in excellent absorption with the wall. When you prepare a wall canvas, you cut the wallpaper according to the walls' height.

You put some glue on the wall and then on the wallpaper base for a few minutes. Now you need to carefully flat out the glued canvas from the middle to the edges. Be sure to wipe out all the left glue from the previous one before placing the new wallpaper.

During the drying of the glue, you should not ventilate the room since the wallpaper does not accept temperature changes.  Wall coating with acrylic wallpaper is very delicate. You can use a rough brush and sponge to fail the material; therefore, it is best to use ordinary water when cleaning. You need to take special care as the wallpaper dries.

Advantages Of Acrylic Wallpaper

  • Acrylic wallpaper has high wear resistance.
  • Decay and fungus do not increase in acrylic wallpapers.
  • These wallpapers do not use only hallways, but they use bedrooms and living rooms.
  • Acrylic wallpapers have a pretty acceptable cost, and everyone assesses their budget.
  • These wallpapers are very easy to wash; you can use a damp cloth or sponge for cleaning.
  • They are accommodating to hide much deficiency of walls.
  • Many acrylic printing colors allow you to use these wallpapers in every room according to your interior.

Is Acrylic Wallpaper Harmful?

Many people wonder how acrylic wallpaper is unsafe to use these beautiful wallpapers made on artificial materials. Acrylic coating wallpapers are safe, and you can use these types of wallpaper in any room of your house or apartment. A large number of certificates confirm the safety of these fully breathable wallpapers.

They are informal to dilute with water and, when dry, form a thin, adequately waterproof solid film. Acrylic coating wallpapers will be your best choice because they are safe, so you do not have to worry about harm.

Final words

Acrylic coated wallpaper is the best addition for a traditional texture with high performance. It helps to make the interior more lively and expensive. Suppose the interior design of your room has been made in a classic style. In that case, you can use bright contrasting wallpaper without a pattern.

Acrylic wallpaper gives you an excellent result if you take proper care of it and get its original appearance after cleaning. You can use these wallpapers for a long time as putty for floor covering, ceiling, and decorative plasters.