Virtual Training Solutions For Power and Energy Industry

Virtual Training Solutions For Power and Energy Industry

Virtual Training Solutions For Power and Energy Industry

The Power and Energy sector is facing a staffing shortage with the possibility of losing talented and knowledgeable staff due to its aging workforce. New employees require proper training and years of experience before being equipped with the skills to keep a plant running safely without compromising reliability and availability.

Virtual Training Solutions can enhance the expertise and productivity of your operating personnel. It adds accountability concerning reliability, availability, maintainability, and safety. Virtual Reality Training helps reduce training costs while optimizing employee performance. It reduces the chances of operator error and ensures efficient usage of all plant systems. VMT allows plant owners to impart critical knowledge that helps protect your plant against cyber security threats and more.

The DiSTI Corporation is a leading provider of virtual training solutions that can be customized to your business needs. VE Studio® is DiSTI’s virtual training development platform that helps reduce training costs and eliminate equipment downtime while enhancing student skills and knowledge retention abilities.

Why Choose Virtual Training Solutions?

The DiSTI Corporation offers the most immersive and engaging solutions in the market, helping you train in power generation, operation and maintenance, instrumentation and controls, or distribution and transmission in the Power and Energy Sector. Our global training network consists of a wide range of training options combined with cutting-edge technology that simplifies training for instructors and students alike.

Virtual and Augmented Reality solutions streamline how companies train and equip their workforce. DiSTI offers companies transformative tools and solutions to leverage their investments in their content while reducing the cost of developing and supporting virtual training solutions.

Transformative Solutions for Virtual Maintenance Training

DiSTI is revolutionizing the process of sharing content such as CAD and work-in-process procedures with our virtual training development platform, VE Studio®. DiSTI offers comprehensive solutions enabling organizations to create cost-effective solutions that aid organizations from rapid prototyping to large-scale enterprise deployment.

DiSTI’s virtual training solutions for Power and Energy Sector include:

  • Virtual Maintenance Training
  • Virtual Operations Training
  • Field Services Mobile Refresher
  • Equipment Familiarization Training
  • Guided Field Service Augmentation
  • Safety Training

Streamlining Project Workflow

DiSTI’s VE Studio® simplifies complex, lengthy training with easy-to-use grade management portals for instructors and interactive, engaging lessons for students. DiSTI’s ideal for:

  • Maintenance Training
  • Employee Training
  • Brushing Up Technical Skills
  • Muscle-memory Training
  • Simulating High-risk Situations
  • Lower Project Costs and Streamline Time-To-Market

Innovation in Training

DiSTI’s UI software and virtual training solutions enable developers and designers with pressures of workflow efficiency without compromising in quality, value, flexibility, or performance. DiSTI training solutions focus on innovation in training while offering innovative solutions for employee and customer training and improving project ROI. Irrespective of client delivery deadlines, budget constraints, and stringent application requirements, DiSTI offers customization according to your business needs.

Case Study: Stark Learning Develops

Custom LNG Virtual Maintenance Trainer

Stark Learning opted for DiSTI’s VE Studio® to develop a virtual maintenance system that certifies truck drivers with the necessary training required to refuel LNG independently. Refueling training is a time-consuming endeavor; companies leverage VR training solutions to lower the threshold for transport companies to use LNG-fueled trucks and provide an extra incentive to invest in LNG-powered transport. 

Using VE Studio®, Stark Learning developed virtual maintenance trainers for virtual reality, desktop, and touchscreen-based devices. With DiSTI’s expert virtual training development platform and professional solutions, Stark Learning developed a standard methodology for their VR training. The VE Studio® workflow enables OEMs and commercial clientele to develop tasks as procedures, allowing us to change, update, and build training solutions at scale. VE Studio® eliminates hiring a large team of developers to create virtual training solutions.

The challenge faced by Stark Learning was that the German-Dutch border region doesn’t allow LNG refueling without personnel under the PGS guidelines unless done under the supervision of an operator. There is a need for a scalable digital solution that facilitates the development of a standard training methodology certifying and training truck drivers efficiently.

Stark Learning leveraged DiSTI’s virtual reality solutions to lower training costs by developing an immersive virtual training solution. Stark Learning utilized VE Studio®’s benefit of allowing non-Unity developers like 3D artists to use its workflow when developing virtual training solutions. 


The DiSTI Corporation is the leading provider of customized HMI software and 3D virtual maintenance training services ideal for embedded target systems, desktop, mobile, Virtual Reality, and Augmented Reality solutions.

DiSTI software products and professional services are used by OEMs and commercial clientele worldwide, pioneering the advancement of UIs and virtual maintenance training. DiSTI’s professional solutions are highly adaptable and can be implemented in any industry ranging from Aviation to automotive, medical industry, and more. Get in touch with us to learn more about our VR training solutions for the power and energy industry.