‘Umrah Hanafi’: The Complete Guide for You Is Here

A Muslim's life revolves heavily around the Umrah trip. If you do intend to perform Umrah Hanafi then make sure to read this blog to get all the insights now.

‘Umrah Hanafi’: The Complete Guide for You Is Here

One of the sacred pilgrimages of every Muslim which has known as Umrah brings every Muslim closer to Allah (SWT). Though Umrah Tour is considered as an obligatory pilgrimage, but at the same time it can help a pilgrim to wash off all the past sins and also refresh their faith in Islam, which enables a Muslim to feel complete.

Umrah – Definition and Facts

When Muslims enter Mecca, they perform Umrah, a "minor pilgrimage." For Muslims living in Mecca, it is likewise meritorious but voluntary. Although pilgrims had the option of doing the Umrah individually or in collaboration with the Hajj, some fusion between the two was obvious given their connection to the essential and compulsory Islamic pilgrimage (Hajj). Similar to the Hajj, pilgrims enter the state of Ihram to begin the best Umrah Tour (ritual purity). They enter Mecca and make a formal statement of purpose (nīyah) to do Umrah before making seven complete circles around the Kaaba, the Holy Shrine.

Once you do have the intention to perform Umrah, you will be able to witness the major change in your life that you had been anticipating since decades. Also, this is a great chance to seek forgiveness and mercy from Allah (SWT) for all the past mistakes that you might have committed without intention.

Read more to know about the details and the steps related to Umrah Hanafi and also get to know how to avail the best Umrah deals for your next trip.

Umrah Hanafi: Everything you need to know

One of the four main traditional Sunni schools of Islamic law, known as Hanafi, believes that completing the Umrah is a Sunnah Mu'akkadah rather than being Fardh (obligatory) (emphasized Sunnah). It can be performed by anyone at any time of the year but one of the primary aspects of this pilgrimage is that there is the dire need to have intention which can bring one closer to Allah (SWT). If a pilgrim undergoes all the rituals of Umrah but does not even have the intention or the urge to conduct this pilgrimage, then this is for sure that his Umrah journey won’t be accepted by the Almighty Allah (SWT).

Steps related to Umrah Hanafi

If you are planning to conduct Umrah from Kolkata, then you do need to know more about Umrah Hanafi, which are as follows:
• The first phase is Ihram, during which pilgrims must dress appropriately for Ihram and perform Ibadat to Allah (SWT).
• The second phase is to conduct two Rakats of Salah, often close to Maqam Ibrahim, followed by Tawaf al-Umrah of the Kaaba.
• In the third step, Sa’i of Safa and Marwa is performed by each of the pilgrims.
• The pilgrims trimmed their hair and came out of Ihram to finish their Umrah in accordance with Hanafi rules.

If still you need to know more in details, then please make sure to read to get more insights about the same, which are as follows:

  1. Performing Wudhu: Start off by saying "Bismillah". Wash your hands thoroughly three times, up to the wrists. Rinse your mouth three times while swishing the water around and then rinse your nose three times while blowing the water out of your nose with your left hand. The beauty of this Sunnah is that it enables you to determine whether the water is suitable for Wudu and is clean and pure.
  2. Enter into the state of Ihram: After performing Wudhu, make sure to possess the mindset to enter into the state of Ihram, which can help you to conduct your pilgrimage in the best way.
  3. Salah al-Ihram: Two rakahs of Salah should be performed before entering Ihram, according to Sunnah. Following the performance of Salah, one must make Dua.
  4. Niyyah: The next steps are to Niyyah, or declare your intention, to perform Umrah at or near the Miqat. Niyyah must be vocally proclaimed before being repeated inwardly.
  5. Talbiyah: The Talbiyah must be uttered after the Niyyah to confirm the purpose and enter the state of Ihram. After saying Talbiyah, the pilgrim enters the Ihram state and is referred to be a Muhrim.
  6. Entering Makkah: In order to enter Makkah's Haram, one must recite the Talbiyah, engage in Dhikr [remembering Allah (SWT)] and send Salawat (salutation) toward the Prophet. Go there and perform Tawaf al-Umrah at Masjid al-Haram.
  7. Entering Masjid al-Haram: It is Sunnah to enter Masjid al-Haram through Bab al-Salam, also referred to as the Gate of Peace. When entering Masjid al-Haram, it is crucial to pass through the gate with your right foot first and repeat the process.
  8. The first sight of the Kaaba: Keep your eyes dropped when you enter the mosque until you reach the Mataf (white area around the holy Kaaba). When ready, it is acceptable to elevate your attention and fix your focus on the Holy Kaaba. Make Dua when you say the Prophet's (PBUH) Salah while you fix your eyes on the Holy Kaaba.
  9. Tawaf al-Umrah: Start the Tawaf and perform seven counterclockwise loops from the Kaaba to Hajar al-Aswad. At the beginning and the finish of each circumambulation, make the sign of Istilam (pointing to the Black Stone).
  10. Salah: Two rakahs of salah must be performed after tawaf.
  11. Drink ZamZam Water: The Holy Zamzam water must be consumed after performing Salah and making Dua.
  12. Iltizam: Next, do Iltizam, which involves contacting the Kabbah wall with one cheek, one chest and one set of hands.
  13. Sa’i: As soon as the Tawaf is over, it is Sunnah to perform Sa'i. Perform seven rounds between Safa and Marwa to finish Sa'i.
  14. Last Dua: Make the Last Dua and offer two rakahs of Nafl Salah (a voluntary prayer) at Masjid al-Haram after Sa'i is finished.
  15. Halq or Taqsir: The final stage in doing Umrah Hanafi is hair cutting. To leave the state of Ihram, one must shave their hair (halq) or cut it to at least one inch (taqsir).


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