How to start an Uber-like business from scratch?

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How to start an Uber-like business from scratch?

When it comes to starting an online business, many people are drawn to Uber-like businesses.

Uberisation is a term used to describe the existing type of on-demand taxi app business into which new participants enter by utilizing computing platforms (Mobile apps & Web Panels).

Starting an online taxi business from scratch can be a difficult task. To make things easier, there are ready-made uber clone apps that can be customized into whatever you want.

This blog provides a detailed breakdown of how to start an Uber-like business, including features and benefits.

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Steps to launch an Uber-like taxi business:

These are some of the things to consider before deciding how to start an online business.

Step 1: Pick your niche

When it comes to Uber-based businesses, there are numerous niches to choose from. Choose a niche that is suitable for your target market.

Step 2: Business Plan 

The second step is to determine the business and revenue model of your Uber-like venture. The people involved and the type of revenue you need to keep your business running.

Step 3: Understand the workflow of the platform

When selecting a niche, it is important to understand how the actual process works. To educate yourself on the know-how, you can consult your potential competitors or conduct market research.

Step 4: Technical Stack

Tech Stack is used when creating an Uber-like app or web panel of your choice. It must be modern, trendy, and importantly high performance.

Step 5: Features 

When you conduct thorough market research before submitting your plan to a developer, It is critical to understand what features you want and don't want in your app to create a Minimum Viable Product (MVP). The features must be tailored to your business needs.

That is the entire point!

Important features to consider for the taxi business like Uber,

Rider app features

Registration: The registration process of the app must be simple and one-step registration. For example, the rider has to just enter the mobile number to receive the OTP to confirm the mobile number to be registered.

Multiple categories: The app must have the features to book different types of vehicles as per their needs.

Fare estimation: An approximate fare amount of the ride will be shown to the rider in the app before they book a ride. 

Multiple payment options:  There are three common types of payment options cash, wallet, and debit/credit card. So the app must have these three options to make the secure payment. 

Scheduled booking: The rider will be able to schedule rides by specifying a date and time.

Driver app features:

Booking visibility: Drivers must be able to track their bookings, both current and past, using an easy-to-use dashboard.

Payout method: To receive their earnings for the ride, the driver must be able to include their debit/credit card details (multiple) and set one as the default.

Earnings statement: The driver can view their earnings including earnings per week and total earnings.

Dynamic routing: This feature can assist the driver in determining the quickest route to the drop location. Also included are the estimated arrival time and fare.

Push notification: The Driver must receive a push notification for each action taken by the Rider, as well as any new administrative instructions.

Admin panel features

Manage users and drivers: The Admin must be able to oversee the users & drivers, their contact information, and other details.

Auto-payouts: Payouts (distribution of earnings) could be performed automatically with auto-payout. It saves a significant amount of time when managing the admin panel.

Manage promo codes: The administrator must analyze the demand and, if necessary, allocate discounts and coupon codes. Through his web panel, he can enable or disable the promo codes.

Geo-fencing: This feature allows the administrator to limit his users to a specific region.

Benefits of launching an Uber-like business with an on-demand taxi app:

Broad Market Reach: The number of smartphone users is growing every day. As a result, the number of app installers is rapidly increasing. This could be advantageous for new online businesses.

Total Business Automation: It reduces the amount of time spent on manual business operations. And the earnings are automatically distributed to the administrator and the driver. The admin can control all of the functionalities through a simple dashboard.

Transparency: There is no wondering about 'Who does What?' - the rider and driver's activities are completely transparent to the admin. And both the drivers and the riders are given plenty of information about the ride.

Cost of Operations: Of course! This is one of the most important factors to consider before starting an online taxi service like Uber. You can run your online taxi service at a lower cost than the traditional method.

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