Types Of Expository Essay You Should Know About

In this article, we will discuss all about the types of expository essays, their structure, writing process and benefits so that you may be able to write them on your own.

Types Of Expository Essay You Should Know About

In academic writing, one can find several ways to pitch their writing. In academic writing, essay writing is a useful tool. Various essays pursue different objectives. You must know the ways you want to layout your essay. It helps in choosing the right kind of essay. An expository essay is a type of essay or writing that focuses on a particular aspect. It can be a specific topic, an event or facts about a certain phenomenon. An expository essay depicts reality on real events. An expository essay has many subcategories. The primary goal of an expository essay is to inform about something. It also focuses on explaining certain phenomena. The role of an expository essay is important in our day-to-day readings. In our daily reading, we encounter magazines, books and e-books. All these writing styles belong to an expository essay. In simple words, in an expository essay, a person describes a statement and explain it. The essay can take several forms depending on the writing style. The choice to select the right expository essay type depends upon certain aspects. Thus, the following aspects can be considered while writing an expository essay.

  • You aim to write about how to do something
  • You wish to provide detailed instructions about a particular topic
  • You want to share the results of a particular essay
  • You wish to investigate a problem
  • You aim to define a particular term Expository essay serves all these purposes in an organised manner. However, there are several types of expository essay that are as follow;

Cause and Effect

As the name suggests, this type of essay describes the cause of a phenomenon and the effects in response. The effects or the consequences can be both negative and positive. This type of expository essay determines the event as cause and relevant consequence. This event can be a broad economic or social topic or a one-time occurrence of an event. For instance, you could be describing the effects of unemployment on the standard of living of people in a country. As another example, you can discuss the statistics of death due to Covid-19.

Problem and Solution

According to an essay writing service UK, this is the simplest form of expository essay. In this type of essay, you are able to describe a problem and provide solutions as well. The aim of such an essay is subject-derived in-depth analysis. It does not develop the essay based on a strong statement. You first need to identify the problem which you aim to discuss. It is important to describe it as explicitly as possible. Then you look for solutions by studying the problem in different dimensions. You can suggest more than one solution to the problem. For instance, if the problem is multi-dimensional, you can suggest solutions. Thus, the problem and solution is the easiest form of expository essay. However, it requires great attention to detail.

Comparison or Contrast

As the name suggests, this essay focuses on comparing and contrasting phenomena. This comparison can be between objects, events, people and social phenomena. Finding difference implies comparing, whereas the contrasting indicates discussing the similarities. You can either focus on comparing or contrasting. When you focus on comparing, it means you will discuss the difference. So, when you focus on contrasting, you will describe the similarities. You may sometimes have to combine them both. It means you may have to compare and contrast simultaneously. For instance, a comparison and contrast essay can be about the Obama and Trump administrations.


A classification essay is an interesting form of expository essay. It implies a topic where it requires the classification or grouping of a certain phenomenon. For example, discussing certain features of different cars entails classification. Thus, the classification essay implies the items grouped based on their features. These can be similarities or differences. A classification essay can be difficult to the layout. You cannot simply come up with a list of items. You must focus on and discuss accordingly. Classification essays can be tricky as grouping can take a lot of research. You may not see this type of essay as very common. This writing style can be quite technical in some situations.


This expository is another tricky piece of essay writing. It is not as simple as the name suggests. It requires information about the definition of a particular phenomenon. Find the definition of the topic or object or phenomenon under study. It would be best if you found the right definition. In some phenomena, there has been a lot of work done previously. You can mention the previous and up-to-date work. Discuss the definition in the light of other sources as well. You can add your interpretation of the definition. Your understanding of the definition makes your work more critical. In some cases, you may have to discuss different dimensions of the definition. You must study other sources as well to increase your knowledge base.


Have you ever heard of a step-by-step guideline? It is a perfect example of a process essay. When you need to describe a process, it is a process essay. There are many examples of process essays. The process essay is well described when it is in chronological order. It means that the process should discuss the steps required. The process essay is a subgenre of expository essays. The process essay is different from the process analysis essay. In the process analysis essay, every step of the procedure is discussed in detail. In the process essay, you should not pinpoint the procedure. Instead, you can only describe the stages rather than discuss the procedure.

Thus, this article discusses different types of expository essays. These types are not difficult to follow until the writer has a clear purpose in mind. When a piece of writing follows a single type of expository essay, it gives a good impression. A reader has got more clarity and conciseness in the reading when a single type is followed. So, it is important to understand these types before starting writing on some topic.