Top Lists To Look At Before Entering To Video Streaming Business

This article is for you to know the top things about developing video streaming software like Youtube.

Top Lists To Look At Before Entering To Video Streaming Business

It’s so hard to find people without smart mobiles. 

What do people often do with smartphones?

Of course, most of us scroll feed or scroll for videos and movies to watch, apart from chatting apps. 

A survey related to smartphone users has shown that almost 72% of people practiced watching movies or series in OTT-like apps. This also triggers and slows down the Tv shows TRPs compared to years ago. 

The growth of the top video streaming apps like Youtube, Netflix, Disney, and Hotstar has tuned many entrepreneurs to create the same. And made them hold a better interest in doing this live-streaming business.

Did you also want to mark your footprint in the live-streaming industry?

If yes, then this article is for you to know the top things about developing video streaming software like Youtube

Present And Future Statistics Of Live Streaming Business

Before diving into the streaming app business's importance. Let’s know why you should do this, and the scope of the video streaming app industry. 

In the year 2021 alone. Live streaming apps have generated revenue of $72.2 billion. This revenue can be tripled and can be projected to reach over $200 billion by the year 2026. And also established that Youtube and Netflix are the giants that will contribute a big share of revenue in the above-mentioned revenue scope. These two are procuring free and paid content for the users and increasing benefits on their own way of conceptualizing content. 

Hence, it's clear that there is a big demand for this live-streaming marketplace in the future. So, starting a live stream business would be the best choice for getting a lucrative business. 

1. Know Your Business Model

There are different categories of video streaming platforms. Youtube has different content in its streaming type compared to Netflix

To say it clearly, let's see the models of fierce players. 

Youtube- It is an ad-based platform, which streams the videos of numerous content creators and shares its revenue with all the content creators who are reaching Youtube targets in getting subscribers. 

Netflix- It is a platform that buys content (Movies or series) from various production houses and streams it in the app. And it holds all the original contents that can not be broadcasted in other online mediums. This is only investing with the producers and earning through the subscriber's monthly or yearly plan. 

HBO Max- HBO is a TV channel that uses this streaming app for broadcasting all their TV shows quietly to reach a large number of users anywhere at any time. HBO also earns from the user's subscriptions through their compelling premium features like unlocking live shows and more. 

Apart from these gaming live streams are also included in the platform, which also grows big in a quiet manner.

The above are the foremost models, which are used by 85% of worldwide users. Hence, let's pick your sound category from these types.

2. Look On The Expenses For A Live Streaming Business

Every business has some ongoing expenses while progressing consistently. Likewise, video streams also have the expenses like high server connection, gaming equipment updations, maintenance, and customizing the software according to the trend.  

Sort out all the technical expenses and commit a team to maintain it functionally without any lags. Apart from the investment budget, separate your fund for these ongoing expenses to make a qualified one among people. 

3. Hold a License To Form Your Business Legally

When it comes to public broadcasting your video streaming platform should be licensed from the government sector. And your content types must not break government guidelines. Let's legalize your streaming business, and be aware of the copyright issues. You can directly get the copyright holders and work with them to grant the license. 

4. Focus On Your Targeting Audience

Nowadays, holding targeting an audience is not hard, when compared to before. It's to the rise of social media apps like Facebook, Instagram, and more. 

Find your audience who are interested in your live streaming content and offers that you provide. This is by promoting your content ads and brand promotions via social media apps.

And through the big medium of promotions through Television channels also. 

Rather than this, you could also send personalized emails and newsletters to the individuals by collecting the net data of the online users. 

5. Structurize Your Live Streaming App 

Making your business into a software form is very hard to come out with the best result you require. In developing the video streaming app it should be very important to focus on the user experience, where you should only show the quality via the app interface and by broadcasting content.

Below are the essential points that you need to focus on while developing your video streaming script. 

(i)Stunning UX/UI Designs

Designs and themes in your app interface would give a unique display of your app. So, progress more to hold the outstanding UI designs. Make your feature sections easy to use. Own your app with an easy search and result navigation page. 

And always present the contents in a hierarchical manner to give easy search and holdings for the users. 

(ii)Consider Platforms

If you are seeking to build a self-hosted video broadcasting platform, then you should make sure about the software adaptability that is friendly to all devices. Because your app can be played either on a 65-inch tv or a 6.5-inch mobile phone. So, consider the platform to entice the users conveniently with their personal devices.

(iii)Personalized Data

Accumulating users' data and sending them personalized suggestions will give additional time for the users to stick with the app for a long time. Enhance your software with AI-powered streaming analytics to give real-time notifications and recommendations. 

(iv)Work For Higher End Security

Your app content will be streamed globally, so make your video platform to be well-secured. Because there are many hackers roaming in the industry to hack the contents like new movies and release them publicly. 

So it is highly important to protect your content as an owner and make your app have a scalable foundation in a multi-tenant environment. Process your app development to have a framework of DRM security to ensure your content assets with a protective shield. 

Rather than this, you should mainly focus on the seamless video seeing experience to the users by uploading high-resolution videos without any bugs or errors. 

6. Enrich Your App Features For Monetization

Generally, video streaming apps like Netflix are earning primarily via the subscription fee from the users. 

Apart from these, Netflix and Youtube Premium apps are making money with third-party advertisements and in-app purchases. 

If you are striving with the Netflix video streaming app then hold dynamic features and integrate content according to the value of the feature like plus, pro, and more. 

Or else if you are coming up with a Youtube app idea, it is totally free for the users and you have only earned through the advertisements only. So, you should possess a higher number of content creators and content on your platform. For that, you should boost your content creators with coupons and rewards based on the subscriber value.


I hope that you will hold a better idea for creating a live-streaming app and how efficient it is. My points for you are quite less because the streaming app category is like a sea. You should dive into all chapters and list out all the news that will strategize your business plan more. Seek a reliable clone app development company and research the features of their instant video streaming solutions. 

Let’s run to load your business account with the money from your premium subscribers.