Reasons to Paint a Storage Tank

Metal storage tanks can suffer from several issues if they aren’t painted. Silo painting should be completed by a trusted painting professional like Industry Painting Ltd., to ensure it is done correctly.

Reasons to Paint a Storage Tank
Silo painting

Storage tanks should be painted for a multitude of reasons. Storage tanks are typically made of steel or other types of metal because metal is strong and durable. However, metal storage tanks can suffer from several issues if they aren’t painted. Silo painting should be completed by a trusted painting professional like Industry Painting, Ltd., to ensure it is done correctly.

Some of the types of steel we paint are carbon steel and galvanized steel. Carbon steel is most commonly used in construction. Silos, storage tanks, industrial buildings, bridges, and more are usually built with carbon steel. Galvanized steel contains a layer of zinc to help protect the steel from corrosion. The zinc will corrode first, which will allow you to spot the damage and get it fixed before it corrodes your structure.

Silo Painting

Some of the reasons to paint a storage tank or silo are:

  • To create aesthetic and branding
  • To protect equipment
  • To provide safety and stability
  • To increase durability

Aesthetic and Branding

You will create an aesthetically pleasing structure when you paint your storage tank. You can use this opportunity to sell your brand by painting your logo on the silo. The color choices you pick can also match the colors inside your business, creating one cohesive look across your structures.

Equipment Protection

Storage tanks and silos are at higher risk for corrosion and damages because they are made of metal and are constantly exposed to the weather. Rain, snow, and humidity can cause water damage to steel structures if they aren’t coated properly. The paint and finishing coat will contain materials that protect metal from oxidation and hazardous chemicals.

At Industry Painting, we use top-quality coatings for storage tank painting to ensure your paint will last a long time. The coatings we use include epoxy, urethane, and high-performance acrylic. These coatings are corrosion-resistant, tolerant of high or low temperatures, and antimicrobial. Your storage tank paint will last a long time with the right coating!

Safety and Stability

Steel structure painting improves the safety and stability of storage tanks and silos. Damage from failing paint and rust can compromise the stability of the storage tank, which can also lead to unsafe working conditions. If left untreated, the entire structure could collapse, costing you thousands in repairs. Painting your silo is the best way to ensure your structure stays together.


At Industry Painting, we are NACE and SSPC trained to paint steel structures the right way. We want your paint and your steel structure to last a long time; done the right way, your paint should last for 20 years or more! We can also check on your paint from time to time to check for any damages and make repairs.

Industry Painting, Ltd.

If you’re ready to paint your storage tank or silo, visit the Industry Painting Ltd., website to learn more! Our team of contractors has been in the painting industry for several decades. Contact us today for a quote or for more information!