Picking A Printed Circuit Assembly Supplier

This article talks about the considerations that can help you to pick a printed circuit assembly supplier. Let’s discuss more.

Picking A Printed Circuit Assembly Supplier

The process of printed circuit board assembly or PCB assembly is an important process for people and companies that belong to the electronics industry. However, when it comes to picking a printed circuit assembly supplier, a lot of firms commit mistakes. They need to understand that it can prove a dear mistake. To create the finest choice, you have to comprehend that only some printed circuit assembly suppliers are great at everything; instead, they are likely to build a specialty. Preferably, you wish your supplier to have a developed potential that matches the needs of your product.

There are some important factors to bear in view during the selection procedure to make sure the ‘finest fit’. With these factors in consideration, you could make a well-informed decision.

  • Does your supplier have certifications?
  • Has your supplier shown its capability & devotion by attaining certifications that are significant in your industry?

Some applications & industries might need adherence to particular protocols & needs. Whilst in certain scenarios, the sub-component supplier does not have to meet up all the needs and standards that the end creator has to meet, it still is crucial that the supplier comprehend the end requirements.

Firms that attain certifications have established the capability to design & develop products with high quality & manufacturing systems appropriate for a certain market. Possibly the most general certification is ISO 9001.

Below-given is a list of other certifications and quality systems that a supplier might have or require:

  • ITAR – Armed forces
  • ISO 13485:2003 – Health and medical
  • AS9110 – Aeronautical
  • FDA certifications – Medical gadget

Getting the aforementioned certifications isn’t a small matter; it implies that the printed circuit assembly supplier fulfills specific quality standards & is checked for those standards. The standards need a standard discipline from the quality, ops & management capabilities of the supplier that get the certifications.

  • Check the manufacturing capabilities?
  • Could your supplier frequently deal with your manufacturing and assembling needs?

There are 4 common kinds of printed circuit boards: one layered, two layered, multilayered, and rigid-flexible.

Manufacturing of any printed circuit includes 25-35 chronological procedures. With the addition of layers, the fabrication complexity increases up dramatically, as do the no. of procedure steps. Multilayered circuitry calls for the procedure with fixture, plasma etches, registrations, & scrutiny capability. Another important consideration is material stability in both designing of tooling & through hole drilling procedures.

Who are the clients of the supplier?

Your supplier should provide you with the list of clients he has been serving or served earlier when asked. He should not have any hesitation to provide you with the contact details of the company’s present and previous clients. As it is self explanatory that if the supplier gives you the contact details without giving a second thought, it means he has a good track record and happy clients. On the other hand, if he hesitates, it is a red flag for you.

How many years of experience does the supplier carry?

More often than not, reputed suppliers have several years of experience under their belts. Not to mention, it takes a long time to build trust and reputation in the market. It is not something that builds overnight. You have to keep delivering smiles on the faces of your clients to make a name and fame in the industry. Use Google or any reputed search engine to start your search and look for a supplier that has a good reputation in the market. If you know how to use your web resources well, you won’t find it hard to locate a reputed printed circuit assembly supplier in your area.

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