How to Pack and Move Delicate Items for the Household Transportation

The household items contain lots of delicate items. You need to remember a few tips and tricks in mind while packing the fragile items for the household transportation.

How to Pack and Move Delicate Items for the Household Transportation
How to Pack and Move Delicate Items for the Household Transportation

Household transportation means different types of items at home. The household items contain lots of delicate items and you may not want to break any of them accidentally. Especially when you have moved to another location completely.

When you have fragile items to pack, you may feel a bit nervous. They are so fragile and hard to manage that the person may be filled with worries. Packing them requires a lot of attention and patience. A small loss in attention can cost you your precious artifacts. To avoid such a scenario many people, hire professional packers and movers as they know how to deal with things and make sure that they are delivered properly to their destination.

The best way to take care of these items is that you don’t hurry with the packing of these items. Tossing things around haphazardly and not taking care of the items can lead to disaster and when they reach the destination you might have to handle a big ball of mess. So, to prevent the box from getting into any action, you need to remember a few tips and tricks in mind while packing the fragile items. Even if you have packers and movers to do this job for you, still you must do the initial level packing so that, you are prepared for the big move.

It is best to have a few packing items with you while you are starting to pack the fragile items. Some of them are as follows:

  • Bubble Wrap
  • Packing paper, newspaper, Old t-shirts
  • Packing Tape
  • Scissors
  • Permanent marker
  • Pliable Cardboard
  • Rigid yet Durable boxes

Want a few tips to help you pack fragile items effectively? Then check some of them here.

Tips to Pack Fragile Items Effectively


Those ceramic or glass plates are not just fragile but they are quite expensive. It is their cost that can make you worry about them. To pack them you can wrap them up with bubble wrap and secure them well with the packing tape. Especially those plates made of fine china or bone china, you need to provide an extra layer of protection between the plates.

A partition needs to be made for cushioning between them. One can use cushion foam or pliable cardboard to provide an extra layer of protection to the plates. Remember to place these fragile items vertically and that would help you reduce the surface area. this would help in reducing the risks of breakage that can be caused during any movement.

It is foolish to leave any empty spaces in the box. For this, all you need to do is fill the blanks with the old t-shirt or the newspapers. Packing peanuts are good but they come a bit expensive. Another point to keep in mind is to not overpack the box or else this may cause you a lot of trouble later. Do not forget to use the packing tape to seal the box and secure them. Label them clearly as “Fragile, Handle with care”.

Mirrors or Sheet Glass

After plates, let's talk about other most important fragile items in the house. The mirrors are one such item that you cannot do without. They are so fragile that even a little bit of shock can cause them to shatter into several pieces. This calls for people to be extra careful and manage it in the utmost professional manner.

To prevent it from getting damaged you need to tape the mirror from one edge to another in a diagonal way. It needs to be done in such a way that in the center of the mirror it forms the shape of a star. This way there are not many vibrations caused thus, protecting the glass. In case you are planning to shift mirrors or glasses pr varied sizes, then you must first segregate those according to their sizes. Just place them separately and place the huge one next to a small glass.

If you are doing household transportation, stacked glass sheets, then you will be smart enough to have a layer of partition or even newspaper or foam sheets to absorb the shock.

Fine Ceramics and Vases

Our precious and expensive ceramics or vases are not to be played with. They are quite fragile and that makes them very hard to shift from one place to another. To shift them properly, you need to wrap them with the packing paper and while doing so stuff the bottleneck portion with the paper. This reduces the friction hence making the move safe and secure for them.

To fill the empty space use an old kitchen towel or crumpled newspapers. With the strong adhesive packing tape secure the wrapping. If you smaller pieces then pack them in pliable cardboard so that, they remain separated from each other.

Antique Pieces

All of us have that special antique pieces that are just waiting to be broken. If you have any such fragile antique pieces in your house, then you need to pack them carefully. First, wrap them up using fine packing paper. Make sure they don’t have any prints on them. Next, wrap up with a bubble wrap. To secure the use the right kind of packing tape that will hold the item in place. To fill the hollow part you need to keep crumpled papers handy as that will ensure that it remains tight from within. 


If doing all these seems like too much work for you, then you must take the safe and easy way out and that is to hire a professional packer and mover right away. The fragile items need extra attention and care while packing, no doubt. But one must also know how to deal with the household transportation part as that can have a damaging effect on the items.

In case of any doubts and concerns get in touch with the professional packers and movers in Jaipur so that you are clear about the process and are able to move in peace. Still, you feel restless then having insurance of all these goods puts your mind at ease. So, plan accordingly and have a happy shift.