How to create Move-to-Earn Gaming Platform using blockchain?

Move to earn is the latest market occupying trend which enables users to earn rewards for walking, running, dancing etc. This is also known as the gamification process similar to play-to-earn where move-to-earn allows users to earn income by involving in daily physical activities. Move-to-earn arose with the concept of motivating users to make a healthier life through fitness apps.

How to create Move-to-Earn Gaming Platform using blockchain?

Move-To-Earn Game Development Company

As a leading Move-To-Earn game development company, Dappsfirm helps to develop ultra-fast and secure M2E games on the top of the blockchain platforms such as Ethereum, EOS, Solana, and Polygon, Binance smart chain, etc. We help startups and enterprises utilize blockchain technology in launching reliable and secure move-to-earn gaming platforms with advanced features. Our M2E game development solutions are tailored to specific gaming use cases via feature integration, development, and implementations.

Top move-to-earn gaming platform in the market

> MetaGym( MGCN)


> Genopets(GENE)

> Dot Moovs(MOOV)

> Sweatcoin(SWEAT)

> Step( FITFI)

> Olivex(DOSE)

> Calo( CALO)

Factors behind the popularity of move-to-earn game development:

> Venture capitalists are betting big on the move-to-earn NFT gaming initiative.

> Users are wishing to get fitter on a daily basis.

> Potential to earn higher and quicker than other models of rewarding games.

 Important features of Move-to-earn gaming platform development:

> Connectivity with fitness watches

> Goal setting capabilities

> GPS Support system

> User profile 

> NFT marketplace

> Better UI/UX

> High security and scalability

 Characteristics of Move-to-earn gaming platforms:

 Move-to-earn becomes the hype around the globe added with the usability to NFTs. Athletics products, coaches, and other bonuses can be acquired and traded for fiat currency inside the applications. The ability to improve and mend the NFT for earning rewards.

How to Start Your Move-To-Earn Game?

> Choose a game in which you are interested. For example, MetaGym and Sweatcoin are known as healthy apps with more information about fitness.

 > Collect all the details of the game with its functionalities that including how you earn and spend cryptocurrency.

 > Download the app and create an account. Link a fitness tracker for tracking your activity.

 > Start your moves. The more you move, the more cryptocurrency you will earn.

Why Dappsfirm for Move-To-Earn M2E NFT Game Development?

As a leading Move-To-Earn M2E game development company, Dappsfirm provides the best move-to-earn game development services to stand tall among its competitors. Our developers are highly skilled blockchain enthusiasts with 10+ years of experience. We have delivered up to 20+ NFT gaming platforms development projects to our clients who have been satisfied entirely with our solutions. We are the team with specialists for testing all the phases of the project development to ensure zero bugs projects.

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