How Digital Lockers can Improve a Bookstore’s Operations

School locker storage solutions have been known to increase the efficiency of the bookstore and other campus operations dramatically.

How Digital Lockers can Improve a Bookstore’s Operations
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College bookstores could get crazy and disorganised even in the best of times but then COVID hit us and everything got worse. But with the help of school lockers Canada college bookstores are making a huge and dazzling comeback.

The college bookstore is more than a place to buy textbooks and branded merch by the way. It’s now an information hub for campus policies, a place where recruitment happens, updating on course materials and more. More new textbooks are also being sold due to concerns of virus transmission via used books.

And this is where school locker storage solutions are especially useful. But this is far from the only useful aspect of this, given the still viable concern the COVID pandemic carries. We all know it’s still here and far from over. In order for colleges to reopen, making college services contactless is essential.

Most large higher education institutions are adapting smart lockers for universities rapidly, to ensure the safety of students and peace of mind of parents.

School Lockers Canada Streamlining Bookstore Operations

But let’s head back to the bookstore and see how this innovative upgrade can revolutionise it, impacting efficiency and customer service.

Here are just a few ways bookstores can benefit by installing school locker storage solutions.

  1. Improved Student Experience - the BOPIS (short for Buy Online Pickup In Store) solution makes an order pickup as simple as a 7 second transaction. This guarantees an insane rate of return business just through the sheer ease of use it brings to the process.

  2. Ease of Use Goes Both Ways - the store clerk working the counter no longer needs to service agitated buyers stretching into a long line. Making their job easier can cut down on operational costs considerably.

  3. Secure Access and Low Error Ratio - when books or other ordered items are placed in smart lockers for universities to be picked up personally by the student, there is no room for misdelivery. The wrong person can’t end up getting the purchase due to a single-use secure pin generated for each individual item.

  4. Simplified One Step Return Process - And the return process in case of error is astoundingly simple - the item simply goes back into the locker and the recipient reports it returned. It’s that simple.

  5. Upselling and Promoting Made Easy - when the student makes use of the BOPIS locker, they are now in or adjacent to the store. This makes it easy to pull them in with an attractive offer for something they didn’t know they needed. Unplanned purchases can be increased for over 50% when this is leveraged. 

In short, school locker storage solutions have been known to increase the efficiency of the bookstore and other campus operations dramatically. And everybody stands to benefit. It costs less than traditional over the counter operations. It is more enjoyable by being hassle free. It is time saving in the extreme, by offering flexible pickup times and a pickup that needs all of 7 seconds.

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