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We are the full cycle blockchain game development company with certified in-house professionals. We have been currently doing notable blockchain game projects for clients across the overseas

Get Your Blockchain Games at Black Friday Offer Upto 30% Discount

Why Blockchain Game development?

Back in the days, game developers controlled every aspect of the game and made millions of dollars, while gamers receiving nothing in exchange. Only virtual fantasies like level ups, awards, and in-game purchases are used to motivate players. Players are also at risk of data theft because game creators have been selling user information to outside business apps.

Blockchain was created to solve any problem that Players had. Players can earn passive revenue in this blockchain-enabled game environment as they upgrade through the levels. This model is known as GameFi. Here is more information on GameFi.

Even gaming assets can be purchased by players and resold for a profit on third-party marketplaces. There are no central servers controlling the gaming process, in-game content, player data, or anything else. Blockchain distributed ledger technology is used to handle everything, increasing the system's reliability.

Because of this, industry experts believe blockchain will increase the gaming sector's profitability.

Blockchain Game Development Services

Hivelance is a blockchain game development company that has certified professionals who can design your blockchain game from any angle. These are the services we offer.

  1. Idea visualization

We can design the game concept in the best visual formats by creating a framework. Your game idea will be internally reviewed by our blockchain game developers, together with the player game mechanics and backend functionality, to assess its potential.

  1. In-Game digital asset creation

ERC721 token standards can be used to encode digital assets, such as cryptocollectibles offered as NFT. We create the in-game NFT minting mechanism, which enables players to quickly access in-game resources.

  1. Game maintenance

Even after transferring your game to the live-production server, our technical team will create a backup in case there is maintenance. Creating new game features and updating the versions are simple tasks that our team can help you with.

  1. Blockchain network deployment

We are able to set up the game on your choice blockchain networks. Using blockchains like Ethereum, Tezos, XDC network, Stellar, Ripple, and Quorum, our professionals can launch your games with ease.

  1. Smart contract development

Only a reliable smart contract can assist in the ownership verification. Automate the trade of NFT assets and use smart contracts to transfer assets from one game to another.

Types of Blockchain Game Development:

  1. Adventure games
  2. MMORPG style
  3. TCG type
  4. RPG games
  5. Tower Defense games
  6. RTS games

Why Choose Hivelance for Blockchain Game Development?

With qualified in-house blockchain game developers, Hivelance is the full-cycle blockchain game development company. We are actively working on notable blockchain game projects for clients all across the world.At our company, the price policy is open and reasonable. By participating in summits, events, and expo in this space, we frequently stay up with the trends in blockchain gaming. Our developers are well-versed in more advanced programming languages as well.

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