Food Delivery Business Using Apps Like UberEats - How, What and Why?

Food Delivery Business Using Apps Like UberEats - How, What and Why?

People are increasingly looking for food orders via mobile apps. The reason behind this is convenience. It allows users to eat a variety of foods without cooking chores or wandering between traffic and crowds. This creates a business hit in the food industry in the form of UberEats.

If you are also thriving to launch a new startup in the food delivery business, then continue reading…

In this blog, I would like to deliver to you the growth and strategies followed by Uber eats. That discussion leads you to make the exact form of the UberEats clone app.

Let’s see the growth of UberEats,

  • UberEats was launched in the year 2014, in the US. In 2019 it has launched its landmark in many countries like India, South Korea, etc. 
  • Statistics of Uber Eats revenue show that it has generated around $8.2 billion in revenue in 2021, and will increase per year by 72%. 
  • It has presently reached around 90 billion international users.

How does UberEats reach this skyrocketing height?

Let’s look at the strategies of UberEats.

Strategies Pursued By UberEats

Any business that is positioned at a top rank in the industry, could arrive from the conceived business plan. UberEats also does the same. A derived strategy of their business makes them in the top rank. 

Let me know what are they,

Customer and Location Analysis

Exploring the targeted customers and location is very significant for the food delivery business because not all localities will gain you more. These food apps play a vital role merely in metropolitan cities rather than compared to small towns. Initially, Uber was also struck in catching their customer, they have listed specific targets. Some of them are,

  • Corporate workers
  • Busy family
  • Hardcore foodies
  • Sharehouse students

They have worked consistently to acquire these people from the most populated regions like metropolitan cities. 

Competitor Analysis:

Initially, Ubereats has fierce competition with Doordash, later it has broken it and placed a top rank by increasing its Quality of service. Maintaining a professional, user-friendly mobile app and affordability are the sticky metrics for Uber to stand alone in the market.

Partnership With Valuable Restaurants

Ubereats kept some qualities in finding their restaurant partners to give hygienic and healthy foods to their consumers. 

Real Care For Consumers

During the pandemic period also, uber eats focus on providing quality service to its users, and they introduce many segments like covid19 safety measures.

The value proposition derived from the upper points and the pinpoints like fast delivery, and top-class algorithms are the immense key factors for Ubereats success. 

From the above, you may know the success strategy of uber. And following the above strategy with reliable food delivery service and with certain quality protocols would succeed.

But remember that these all would impact you only through a mobile app.

Let’s know the essentials in building an Uber-like app.

Insights Of Building an UberEats Clone App

Precisely, you should decide on your development platform, from scratch or an instant clone solution. If you are picking from scratch, it will consume more time. Or else choose a feasible Uber clone, here are the understandings for you.

Buy a Uber eats clone with the following essential features,

Generally, a delivery service app works with three user interfaces, restaurants, Customers, delivery people, and admin persons.

So, look below for the process engagements in the different dashboards. 

Admin panel dashboard: Process with hotel management, delivery people management, payment options, statistics of users, multistore and notifications

Restaurant panel dashboard: These will process food menu management, order from users, push notifications, delivery people tracking, ratings, and reviews of their restaurant.

Delivery people interface: This interface will work on data with real-time tracking, delivery management from various users, and push notifications of multi-delivery management.

The above three are important dashboards of an Uber eats like business apps.

But landing your magical trends into single navigation would aid to achieve revenue growth, which is nothing but a Customer-user interface.

Let’s apprehend all matters involved in the customer user interface.

Grab More Attention Via Admiring Customer-User Interface

Upload your food delivery app with an admiring user interface, by providing real-time features with perfect navigation pages. 

So, here let me explain the features to make your food delivery app smart.

Sharp curations in search filters: Provide your app with advanced filter settings

Real-time order tracking: Involves your user in delivery boy tracking

Authentication: Secure sign in-Provide authentication in user login.

Secured payment options: Furnish your app with multiple payment options

Reviews and ratings: Provide separate review pages for hotels and delivery boys.

Take away options for customers earning points.

The above are only the essential features, you can enhance it all with advanced techniques to get much better user options. 

The more you concentrate on providing a great user interface will surely resemble your app with high user statistics.

So, leverage your tech knowledge in the UI/UX designs for getting the prominent features you need.

Let’s grab about the revenue deals of food delivery apps,

Revenue factors of UberEats like apps:

Uber eats like a food delivery app and makes its revenue streams via the below sections,

Delivery Fee from customers: According to the food order of a restaurant and the location of customers, a certain percentage of the delivery fee could charge to the customer, and also charge the customer from service and order fee

Commission Fee From Restaurant: For every food order Uber eats like apps charge their eatery partners a percentage of 12-15%, these percentages of costs can vary to the restaurants prefer their market in that location. 

Income Via Advertisements: This Advertisement money can be gained from restaurants and other paid partners. To advertise the restaurants in the top search, they will pay a certain division of money to the app owner.

Subscription fee from customers: This Uber eats clone app is also providing the feature of optional subscriptions to their regular consumers. If users get into the subscription model for a specific duration, they can get a discount on the delivery fee or with no delivery fee based on their location.

I hope, you could get a detailed idea about the income factors of a food delivery app company. 

Takeaway Your Business

From the above sessions, you could catch a detailed understanding of setting up a food delivery app business. If you are in the decision to start this venture, then organize well yourself with ongoing demand strategies of uber-eats-like apps. And also look into the fact “why all the food delivery apps are not shining in the industry?”

Answers to the above question would surely emanate you with many successful strategies for your food delivery business like Uber eats.

Let's move to buy instant food delivery software to start your business now.