Eye-Opening Features To Redesign Your E-Learning Services:

Launching your own E-learning marketplace is a dreamy idea for many professionals after knowing the familiarity with learning apps like Udemy.

Eye-Opening Features To Redesign Your E-Learning Services:

The E-learning marketplace is a fruitful option for the learners and the trainers in recent years. Getting a huge range of courses in any form within a few hours of access is the factor behind the success of the E-learning marketplace. 

Launching your own E-learning marketplace is a dreamy idea for many professionals after knowing the familiarity with learning apps like Udemy

Udemy clone is a custom platform that allows professionals to launch the E-learning marketplace with all essential features. The arrival of the E-learning marketplace has made a severe change in the educational world where people can learn and interact with others.

In this blog, we are going to discuss the eye-opening features to redesign your E-learning services by having a glance at the resigned model, top features, and merits of the udemy clone application.

Redesigned Business Model Of Udemy Clone:

Learner Panel:

The learner panel allows the learner to browse the courses offered by the tutors. The learner can download the lectures and can view them offline. The learners can register for new courses, and rate the quality of the courses and the knowledge levels of the instructors.

Tutor Panel:

The tutor panel allows interaction with students through audio, text, or video and can clear doubts clearly and quickly. The tutor can view the total number of students enrolled for a course and each student's progress made in the particular subject. The tutor can educate students through video conferencing and screen sharing.

Admin Panel:

The Admin panel displays the list of tutors and all the courses in the application. The students are allowed to prebook the tutors at a fixed time. The admin will review the course materials provided by the tutors before posting the material in the application to maintain good quality. The admin also has access to add or remove students or tutors from the learning platform.

Course Alerts:

After the creation of courses and listed in the course list, notifications will be sent to the students via e-mail, and app push notifications to get the learner’s attention. This helps the learner know about the new courses and content they want to know about.

Easy Course Search:

The search option available in the Udemy clone enables the learner to discover different types of online courses, PDFs, documents, videos, and articles available in the application. This option helps to save time by searching for the exact course the learner needs.

Custom Setting:

The learner can sign up/login using this feature. Using this option, the learner can change the profile pictures, password, and other privacy settings.

Top Eye-Opening Features Of Udemy Clone:

Learner-Friendly login:

The udemy clone script allows the learner, and tutor to log in easily with multiple options like email, mobile numbers, and social media accounts. The learner and tutor can log in by giving all the information and using the application or by making login through email, mobile number, and social accounts will save time by syncing data stored already.

Payment gateways:

The application enables the learner to pay by multiple payment methods, this helps the learner to pay the course fee digitally and also through cash on delivery instead of facing difficulties in the payment methods. The easy payment method helps the retention of customers rapidly.

Menu management:

The top-rated courses can be promoted in the application by the admin to increase the number of learners using the application. The alerts can be sent to learners and tutors by means of E-mail by the admin. The features in different places of the earth are changing based on the needs and the region.

High Security:

The app is entirely secure that keeps us away from any malware attacks. We provide security so that personal details won't be shared with others. This helps the learners feel safe using the application.

Digitized Learning:

We provide digitized learning systems to provide education to the learners via video and audio learning along with regular study materials. It increases the learners' ability to learn easily and even normal people can perform better in their course.

Offer Certification:

The Udemy clone offers the learner with online course certification in the form of a PDF once the learner finishes his course. This certificate will be given to the learner at the end of the course after passing the test.

Transaction Management:

This feature helps the admin to manage the transactions, the admin can take the commission fees for the service provided through the application. The admin can also monitor the revenue made through the application.

Merits Of Using The E-Learning Application:

The number of students increased by the learner-friendly features provided by the online platform and some of the features is explained below.

  • At a reasonable price, the Udemy clone provides high-quality learning opportunities for students.
  • To use the application according to their skills and expertise in a subject a unique platform like Udemy provides instruction. 
  • As people from different parts of the world use this app, who will be having different time meridians, the Udemy clone script gives 24/7 learning facilities.
  • To increase the knowledge of the students or learners the application provides learning in multiple languages that assist students from different places of the world.
  • The students can review and rate the knowledge level of the tutor and the courses offered through the application. This provides the customer with transparency, which increases the number of students and tutors by increasing trust among people.

Summing Up,

In this blog, we discussed the eye-opening features to redesign your E-learning services by having a glance at the resigned model, top features, and merits of the udemy clone application. Entrepreneurs who are willing to redesign their learning application to stand in the limelight can go through this blog and follow the features mentioned in the blog by hiring a well-reputed app development company.