Best Smart Video Doorbells in 2022

Best Smart Video Doorbells in 2022

You might want to consider a video doorbell as a solution for porch pirates and package thieves. Using a smart doorbell, you can see and communicate with someone at your door through your smartphone when they are at your door. When social distance is high, you can use this feature to speak with a visitor without opening your door. Those with mobility issues can also benefit from smart video doorbells. Your smartphone can be used, for example, to tell your visitor to wait until you reach the front door if you are unable to get there easily or quickly. To find the best video doorbell price in Dubai, we tested dozens of options from Ring to Nest.

What's the best video doorbell?

Having tested all the top models, the Nest Doorbell (battery) is the best video doorbell. Aside from having the best video quality, it is capable of recognizing individual faces and can even announce them to the user. It can also be hardwired, despite its name. However, what we like most is the fact that Nest provides a few free features, including a three-hour record of video and the detection of people, packages, and vehicles. The Nest Doorbell (wired) is offered with Nest Aware and is 30% smaller than the previous model. With Nest Aware, continuous video recording is available for ten days.

The Wyze Video is your best bet if you're looking for the best doorbell in Dubai. This model can be used either as a wired unit or without a power source at all, and you can create various motion zones and see what is happening around your neighborhood with the camera. The software features package detection, and it is more affordable than its competitors when it comes to its subscription plan. The Ring Video Doorbell (2nd gen) is also a very good choice, especially when it comes to features, but it's for a slightly higher price than the Ring Video Doorbell (1st gen).

Video doorbells: how to pick one

Law enforcement and privacy

Law enforcement will not typically have access to video from video doorbell companies unless compelled by a court order.  Most companies, including Ring and Nest, do not require owners to consent to share videos, but they do so if they think it is necessary. 

Video sharing without your consent is possible if you follow these steps. 

Users' data will only be provided under a warrant or court order, according to Arlo and Wyze. It's unlikely that they could provide any user footage to law enforcement even if they wanted to since cameras like Eufy's and Logitech Circle View use Apple's iCloud to store video. 

Ring video doorbells can also be set up with end-to-end encryption, although enabling it disables some Ring camera functionality.

Wired vs. battery

Video doorbells are usually one of two types: either battery-operated or wired. There are some that can do both, like the Nest Doorbell (battery) or the Ring Video Doorbell 4. In order to replace a traditional doorbell, you will need to install a wired video doorbell; you will need to ensure that the doorbell is powered enough. Most video doorbells are powered by 16-24V transformers, which are typically enough to power them.

Battery-powered doorbells are easier to install (and cheaper) when there is no existing wiring. Battery-powered video doorbells will need to be recharged periodically. You don't have to worry about downtime when recharging some doorbells, such as the Ring Video Doorbell 4. It is also possible to purchase solar panels that will help keep the battery charged on some video doorbells.

Placement of the doorbell

If you are replacing an existing doorbell or installing a new doorbell, you will also want to consider whether you will be replacing an existing doorbell. To ensure a good view, the doorbell should be positioned about four feet above the ground, so the button is easy to push for people of short stature.

The field of view

Can you see everything around your entryway, or do you want to see just the person at the door? In some video doorbells, you will be able to see the entire doorway, while in others you will only be able to see half of it; the latter is especially useful for viewing packages that are dropped off next to your door. 

Resolution of the video

A high-resolution image will have a sharper image, which will make identifying people at your door easier. It's worth checking the frame rate of the video doorbell - the higher the number, the clearer the video should be. Most video doorbells now have a resolution of at least 1080p.

Security cameras vs. video doorbells

Home security cameras aren't always video doorbells. Even though the apps let you get doorbells and motion alerts, you usually see a person or car just exiting the frame when motion-triggered events happen.

Dedicated home security cameras offer more options for positioning, so if you're looking for real security, they may be more appropriate for you. You can also review the video when you receive a motion alert during which you can see how the situation was before the motion alert was triggered.

What is the best way to test video doorbells?

During our testing of video doorbells, we self-installed the devices on houses and rang the bells during the day and at night with family and friends. 

The first thing we evaluate is the ease of installation of the video doorbell. Are the instructions clear for the physical installation? Is everything you need to be included? Our video doorbell had to be connected to the Wi-Fi network in our home, as well as to the app.

As we examine Nest, we take a closer look at its video doorbell app. In comparison with the competition, how many features does it offer? What is the setup and configuration process like for those features? The sensitivity of many video doorbells can be adjusted so you're not summoned every time a car passes. 

Video and audio quality are also taken into consideration, both during the day and at night. When a person is moving, can you recognize their facial features easily? What is the clarity of their hearing, and what is the clarity of our hearing? In addition, how quickly does the camera begin recording video once it detects movement?

For accessing features and saving video recordings, many video doorbells require a subscription. As well as considering the cost, we take into account the value you get. (You can find a detailed description of security camera storage plans in our guide). 

Additionally, we take into account the interoperability and compatibility of the system with other smart home devices as well as security systems. It is important for a video doorbell to be able to connect to your other smart home devices in order to be considered to be part of actual smart home.