What to Expect in the New Release of WordPress 6.0?

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A few days back, WordPress 6.0 Beta was launched. And soon, WordPress will release the new version of WordPress 6.0. It will be the second big release of WordPress, featuring numerous new features and enhancements. We keep a close eye on the progress and test new features on our test sites. No doubt, the last release of WordPress has provided the foundation of full-site editing with the Gutenberg editor and pattern library. So, in WordPress 6.0, we can expect refinement in the features and new addition to create a better site-building experience for the professionals. Also, each WordPress development agency is eagerly waiting for the new update on WordPress. Here, we will sneak peek at what is coming in the WordPress 6.0.

What is New Coming in the WordPress 6.0?

No doubt, WordPress has published a long list of improvements that are coming with the new release of WordPress 6.0. Below, we have discussed those new features and refinements made in the new release. 

Full Site Editing Improvements

WordPress has released the feature of full-site editing. It helps the users to get a great experience. Basically, you can alter your WordPress themes using the same block editor that you use to create articles and pages with full-site editing. When you hire WordPress developer, they can change the template and visually edit the blocks. it will require a block-enabled theme to support the functionality. However, the theme editor is getting a lot of improvements and new features in WordPress 6.0.

Change Theme Styles

With WordPress 6.0, users will be able to switch theme styles with a single click. To see available styles in your theme, click the Style button in the upper right corner and move to the Browse Styles page. It will allow the WordPress developers to add many styles presets in the themes, which users can easily switch. 

Export WordPress Block Theme

Build your own templates, customize styles, and create gorgeous layouts with the new Theme Editor (Full Site Editor). What if you wanted to copy them all to a different WordPress site?

WordPress 6.0 makes it simple to export your theme with all of your changes. You may then use this theme on any other WordPress website, and it will integrate all of the changes you made to the original theme.

New Blocks in Block Theme Editor

WordPress 6.0 will feature the following new blocks in the Block Theme Editor, which you may utilize in your theme and templates.


The professionals can add the comments query loop block. It includes sub-blocks such as comment author name, avatar, comment content, edit link, and others. To make your comments stand out, you can edit them separately.

Read More

In WordPress 5.9, the Excerpt block allowed you to type the text you wanted to use for 'Read more.' A separate block will be included in WordPress 6.0. In this manner, you may link stand out by changing the text, background, and border.

No result in the Query Loop

You can now include the No Results block when creating a Query Loop block. However, the block will only be available in your chosen query and will not provide any results.

Post-Author Biography Block

Along with the Post Author and Avatar blocks, the new post author biography block is now available.


You can use the avatar block to show a user's avatar (profile photo). You can choose whether to show the avatar of a specific user or the avatar of the current post/page author.

While the default theme editor is getting better, it still needs work to compete with the custom theme builder solutions that come with the WordPress page builder.

Changes to the Block Editor in WordPress 6.0

Most website owners spend the majority of their time producing content and pages in the block editor. With each release of the WordPress, the content editor gets considerable upgrades and new capabilities. So, the following are some of the most notable changes to the block editor in WordPress 6.0.

Featured Image in Cover Block

Do you want to use the featured image in the cover block for a post? For this, you will require WordPress 6.0. You can choose a featured image for a cover block, and it will automatically display the featured image from the current post/page. When the featured picture is changed, the image displayed in the cover block is also changed.

Easy Text Selection in Multiple Blocks 

Selecting text from numerous blocks is hard now. The block editor frequently selects all of the text in the block. Only the text you wish to pick will be easier to select with WordPress 6.0.

Lock Reusable Blocks

One of the most significant pain aspects of the reusable blocks is that any changes made by any user are saved. There are currently plugins that can lock the reusable block and restrict users from modifying it to fix this. So, this feature will be available in WordPress 6.0. To restrict users from directly modifying the reusable block, simply pick the Lock Reusable Block option. It will provide a popup window where you may select lock restrictions. The WordPress user can move, remove or lock the block.

Row Blocks and Responsive Groups

With WordPress 6.0, you'll be able to specify how blocks should behave on various screen widths. You can choose to display the blocks inside group blocks as a row or a stack. 

Design Tools

The goal of WordPress 6.0 is to improve user experience, add additional customization choices, and expand API support in design tools. A better color pallet interface and border control are among the many minor enhancements. Here are some of the prime design tool advancements in WordPress 6.0:

Multiple block layout transformation: In WordPress 6.0, the block toolbar and the design tool panel will include new options for transforming numerous blocks. Users can utilize this functionality to turn several blocks into container blocks such as group, row, and stack blocks.

Date format for custom posts: A custom date format will be available in the design tool for the post date block.

The gap between gallery blocks: In the block design tool, the gallery block will have a block gap spacing configuration. Users will be able to better personalize the layout of image galleries as a result of this.

Web Fonts API:  The Webfonts API integration was removed from WordPress 5.9. However, it will be added back in WordPress 6.0. Web fonts options will be added to the global styles interface by users and theme developers.

Typography Support: Typography settings will be available for group, row, and stack blocks in the Container blocks.

Accessibility Improvements in the WordPress 6.0

Each new WordPress release improves usability by making the platform more accessible to users. WordPress 6.0 will have numerous enhancements that enhance the user experience for people with disabilities.

Some of the more notable accessibility enhancements are listed below.

  • If the user does not provide alternative ALT text, the post title will use the ALT text for featured photos.
  • Better tabbing in placeholder elements blocks.
  • In block search, an announcement is made.
  • For blocks with a placeholder set up, read the description.
  • On smaller displays, screen readers will be able to read the text labels in the admin bar.

Closing Thoughts

We all know that with WordPress 6.0, the full-site editing experience of the users will be improved. Because the blocks and design tools have been enhanced, we may expect more freedom in the site editor and more customization options. So, if you're thinking to upgrade your site, contact a WordPress development agency who have knowledge about WordPress 6.0.