What is anti-idiotype antibody? And what are its Applications

What is anti-idiotype antibody? And what are its Applications

What is anti-idiotype antibody? And what are its Applications

An anti-idiotypic antibody is one that binds with the idiotype of an antibody. An ID is actually made up of multiple antigenic factors, each one an idiotope. Antigenic determinants and idiotopes may reside in the V region's heavy chain component or in its lighter chain component. They can also be found on a surface that is made up of pieces of both chains.

Anti-idiotype antibodies may be used to provide positive controls for anti-drug antibody (ADA) assays. They can also be used to determine immunogenicity or PK/ADA kit during therapeutic antibody development.

Anti-id antibodies are classified according to their different properties and binding modes. Type 1 anti-ID antibody, which is not blocking specific, binds close to the paratope and still allows the antibody's target antigen to be bound. It can be used for measuring total drugs (antigen bound or free). Antigen blocking specific type 2 anti-ID antibodies bind to the paratopes of therapeutic antibodies and compete with their target antigen. This format of anti-ID antibodies will not detect any free antibody drug. Complex specific type 3 anti-ID antibodies bind only the antibody-target complex, not unbound antibody and unbound targets. This anti-ID antibody can only measure the target bound drug.

What are Applications of Anti-idiotype Antibodies

Tests for Immunogenicity

The development of biological drugs is aided by immunogenicity assays. Anti-drug antibodies can be developed by biotherapeutics such as proteins, antibodies, and conjugated peptides.

Anti-idiotypic antibodies (ADAs) are highly specialized ADAs. When analyzing patient samples for ADAs, most of the time polyclonal anti–id antibodies are used as positive controls.

This assay uses rabbit pubs that have been generated and purified. You can mix monoclonal anti-idiotype antibodies together to create a polyclonal combination that could be used in the ADA as a positive control.

Pharmacokinetics (PK) assays

Most commonly, anti-idiotype antibodies can be used in pharmacokinetic (PK), assays. PK assays can be used to determine dosing and toxicities at both the clinical and preclinical stages of antibody-drug functional evaluation.

It is easy to quantify and track different forms of antibody therapeutics in serum, urine, and other bodily fluids due to the use of anti-idiotype antibodies (mostly, mAbs).

Anti idiotype antibody

Custom Antiidiotype Antibody Generation

GenScript ProBio is a leader in anti-idiotypic antibody research and offers a variety of anti-idiotype services to help drug developers. GenScript ProBio offers several packages to produce anti-idiotypic antibodies, giving customers more options. You can produce anti-idiotype antibodies as monoclonal, polyclonal, hybridoma or recombinant monoclonal antibody.