Symptoms of Bed Bugs Bites and DIY to Treat Them at Home

The best way to avoid bed bug infestation problem is by regularly inspecting the place and furniture for bedbugs.

Symptoms of Bed Bugs Bites and DIY to Treat Them at Home
Symptoms of Bed Bugs Bites and DIY to Treat Them at Home

Is your furniture infested with bed bugs? Bed bugs are a name that haunts most Indian households. You may not agree to it but they are one of the troublesome pests to cause disruption in your normal life. They come silently into the house and settle comfortably inside the beds and sofas and when the time is right, they take the opportunity to suck the blood out of you.

The bedbugs have a serious effect on the mental as well as physical health of human beings. You may know it as a pest that sucks blood, but even the bite is enough to hospitalize a person.  Apart from that, they are an effective vector for the Chagas disease and that is not an easy thing. These are just some of the problems related to bed bug infestation but most people hate them as they give sleepless nights to humans causing psychological problems, itchiness, etc.

The best way to avoid this problem is by regularly inspecting the place and furniture for bedbugs. You need to keep an eye out for bites and marks on the body too if you want to detect the presence of a bedbug in the house. And until and unless you know what is the problem you are facing it will be hard to treat the problem properly.

Signs Indicating Bed Bug Infestation and Simple Ways to Treat Them

Look for the signs and you will know what is irritating your good night's sleep. In the case of bed bugs to you need to look for the signs. As the bedbugs are secretive creatures, you won't see them roaming around. If you want to see whether the place has bed bug infestation then you will have to check out the bite marks. Here are a few telltale signs that can tell you whether the place is infested with bed bugs or something else. Check them out.


The primary sign of any bite is itching. But if you are continuously itching yourself after spending time on your favorite furniture then it is definitely the work of bed bugs. The itching usually starts after you wake up from your sleep. The itching can grow uncontrollably and can also lead to rashness. Treat it using coconut oil. It is simple. When the itching starts instead of scratching it, dab a cotton ball in coconut oil and place it where you are itching.

Coconut oil is good for the skin as it nourishes it deeply. But it also removes bacteria or other agents from the epidermis thus calming any kind of skin irritation. So, if you start itching, then instead of going to look for the culprit, treat it properly with coconut oil thus providing you temporary relief from the itching.

Allergic Reactions to the Bite

Different people react to allergies in different ways. For those with sensitive skin, even a small bite can cause severe allergies to them. People often react mildly but those having sensitive skin can get extreme issues. Usually these pests secrete special kinds of enzymes and fluids after puncturing the skin. These fluids have specific odors, even this kind of odor can cause different reactions in different people.

The smell and the fluid can send a person into an allergic shock. So, beware if a person starts getting rashes or skin issues near the bite area, then it's time to visit the doctor right away. For allergic reactions, you can have antihistamines but only after consulting with the doctor's concern. If you find that you are allergic to bed bugs then it will be best to get them treated by a professional pest control team right away.

Blisters and Red Spots

Very often you may notice blisters and red spots on the skin which may feel very itchy in the morning. This is just an initial problem but many others may follow this shortly. If and when you see red spots and blisters on the body, it will be best to run to a medical consultant for a thorough check up. It can be for various reasons but only a doctor can point out and prescribe medication for the problem accurately.

If the problem doesn’t seem very serious, you can wash it with cold water and dab it with a clean towel. Later apply virgin coconut oil to the area. For small blisters, this will work wonders still it will be great if you can get it checked by the doctor. 



Have you heard of bug bites affecting you indirectly? What happens when you get affected by bed bug bites indirectly? This may seem strange but this is also a problem associated with the bed bug bites

As these bites can cause severe itching but it is the open wound left after the bite that can become more dangerous under a given condition. The secondary infection is what happens to people in such cases and that causes ecthyma, lymphangitis, or even impetigo. It is best to get rid of them as soon as possible thus, reducing the impact it has on your body.


When you get bitten at night how can you sleep peacefully? That is what happens when you have bed bugs in your bed or other furniture. It has been recorded that people are often scared of sleeping at night. This can have a negative psychological effect bringing other issues to the table. One of the most common issues is Insomnia. There is only one way to treat it and that is to get it treated or change the bed and mattresses completely.


Bed bugs are uninvited nuisances that can drop into your house unexpectedly. If you want to keep them away from your place then go for a regular inspection package provided by different pest control services. DIYs and natural remedies may work to a certain extent but for immediate results you will have to get professionals. To clear your doubts and concern regarding this issue or packages you can talk to the pest control services in Noida. It will help you to understand different plans.