Step-by-Step Guide for Designing Custom Volleyball Uniforms

You need to consider several factors while designing your custom volleyball uniforms. We have listed here some important factors for you.

Step-by-Step Guide for Designing Custom Volleyball Uniforms

The design of the apparel is the first thing that captures the attention. Be it a formal dress,  casual dress, or sports uniform, everyone wants an appealing design that makes the person look good. In choosing a design, the foremost thing is to look apt according to the event for which you are going to buy it. Custom volleyball uniforms have specific design keeping in view the needs of the sport, the comfort of the player, and the overall appearance of the player after wearing it.  Above all, the affordability of the uniform is the factor that has a vital role in getting the perfect design of the uniform. Logos, player name, team name, the color of the jersey, the fabric of the jersey, placement of written content, and font are a few of the prominent factors that come into play while designing a custom volleyball jersey. Our aim while designing the custom volleyball jersey is to make it an affordable pick, a comfortable choice, a jersey with an attractive outlook, and a jersey that caters to the weather conditions by being light-weight and weather friendly.

Logo Placement:

Logo placement is the key feature of designing a custom volleyball jersey. Because logos are the stamps to validate the identity of the player. AthleisureX cares for the sentiments of the audience and the players; so it knows the role a logo plays to represent the sentiments of volleyball enthusiasts. Other than that, you can customize your team logo to your liking as well. Our professional team is always ready to provide the best options available and after that, the task is on us to give you your desired volleyball jersey with the logo and design of your choice.

Our logo guidelines are there to help your mind clear the fog and choose the best logo. Of course, the choice is yours that will be coroneted by our hard-working team of professional

  • It is a common practice to place the sponsor's logo or the country flag in the top left of the front side of the volleyball jersey.
  • In the top right of the front side of the volleyball jersey is usually for the manufacturer’s logo. Its size shall be 2.25” inches.

Name and Number:

Another factor is the number and name of the volleyball player that outshines on the field. We have made thorough guidelines available for you to customize the jersey to your liking. The name and number on the volleyball jersey is the first thing about which a player cares the most. It is the identity and the player or the audience wants the best placement of the number and name on the jersey. We care for your emotional attachment to your favorite name and number. To make your jersey look perfect, we have certain designs available on our website; our prime concern is to assist you in choosing the best design. Either you can pick one from them or can tell us your preferences to design the jersey according to them.

To assist you further, here is the best available choice:

  • Team Name: The team name looks better at the center on the front side. The team name is the symbol of unity among the team members so it has to be placed at the optimum place on the jersey. The ideal size of the team name on the jersey must not exceed 3” in height.
  • Player Number on the Front: Display the player number on the front side of the jersey. The ideal place for the placement of player numbers is below the team name in the center. The appropriate font size that fits is below 8” in height.
  • Player’s registered Jersey name: Place the letters for the player’s jersey name on the back side of the volleyball jersey. Place the Player’s registered jersey name above the player number and its size is usually the same as the team name. It must not exceed 3” in height.
  • Player Number on the back: Place the player number on the back below the player’s registered jersey name. The size for it should be less than 8” in height. The number on the front and back are of the same size and at the same place to give the same identity reflection from the front and back.

Color Combination:

The color of the volleyball jersey is also important as it can have an appealing or appalling effect. Your main aim is to design the volleyball jersey that goes well with the performance of the player as well as keep the spirit of the audience alive. Bright colors are popular for catching the attention; pastel colors are famous for their soothing effect on the eyes. The best option is to opt between the two. This means, creating a contrasting pair of bright colors and one of the pastel colors. People usually choose Black and White colors as a contrasting pair because of the effect the combination of the two produces.

Also, the color of the jersey itself and the content written on it should be in stark contrast to make the writing visible. The audience wants to notice their favorite player on the ground easily. The best option available is to use a dark color for the jersey and light color for the written content. This makes the written content more visible to the audience and keeps the purpose of the writing on the jersey alive.

The fabric of Jersey:

Lastly, while designing a custom volleyball jersey the fabric of the outfit is a concern that cannot be neglected. The purpose of the uniform is to provide maximum comfort to the player. Our volleyball uniforms are designed by experts who keep in mind the player’s needs within the field. We take care of the weather conditions, color combinations, fabric choice, and comfort of the players. Moisture-wicking fabrics best suit the player’s needs while playing. On the ground, while the pressure is to give the best performance, fabric discomfort should be of the least concern and it must not hold back the player from giving his best performance.

  • We recommend going for technical and moisture-wicking fabric because this fabric allows the moisture to immediately move to the fabric’s outer surface.
  • Firstly, the rate of evaporation increases to provide maximum comfort.
  • Secondly, the moisture does not seep into the fabric and provides the player to get rid of sweat from seeping into the fabric.

Bottom Line:

We design the custom volleyball jersey for you keeping in view your choices. Our team of experts and our website with its thorough guidelines is always available to help you. We understand your preferences but we keep the fact to provide you with the best possible solutions into consideration. Our detailed guidelines about a custom volleyball jersey will help you better able to customize the jersey of your choice. The yardstick to measure the design of your volleyball jersey is no less than perfection. With our guidelines, you will be able to understand the design you have opted for is the best fit for the needs of the volleyball game or not. Logos, the player’s name, sponsors, and a country’s flag are the ingredients to come up as a perfectly designed volleyball jersey, and here, on AthleisureX our team makes sure that everything perfectly amalgamates to come up as the best-designed volleyball jersey.