How To Be An Exceptionally Groomed Man

The importance of personal grooming still remains unclear to many men in today's world, where looks are more important than ever.

How To Be An Exceptionally Groomed Man
Groomed Man

The importance of personal grooming still remains unclear to many men in today's world, where looks are more important than ever. It's not uncommon for men to take a slap-dash approach and comb their hair, spray some aftershave and think they're done.

Unfortunately, there is a problem with this approach: people will notice your lack of grooming and judge your character accordingly.  It's time to make your personal care your signature with these awesome grooming tips for men.

Regularly visit your barber

Getting regular haircuts will help you maintain your hair's health. If you've noticed that your hair needs trimming, others do as well. In other words, you become proactive instead of reactive. In spite of the fact that some guys can get by with monthly appointments, your locks may still undergo a growth spurt, thus requiring more attention. Expect to visit at least three times a week, or even twice a month.

Choose hair products that work for you

There is no one-size-fits-all solution when it comes to men's products, and the current rotation is a reflection of this. You'll need pomade and wax if your hair is thick and unruly. It is recommended that finer-headed people use lighter products. In addition, there are things for those without hair at all.

You can solve this problem by doing your research. The right kit for your hair can be discovered with some light reading and some slight trial-and-error.

Choose your signature scent

The purpose of colognes and aftershaves is to compliment, not to knock passersby out cold. You should only use a few of these classic blends, and instead of owning eight to ten average ones, you should choose one or two that you really like. Invest then. Generally, woody, spicy or herbaceous scents are better suited to winter, while lighter, citrus notes are better suited to summer.

Face scrub

It's not worth it to wear flannel. To maintain healthy skin, choose a scrub - a concoction designed to remove dead skin - once a week.

It shouldn't cost the planet to maintain your gleaming face, though. Instead of microbeads that end up on your plate, choose natural ingredients such as oats or apricot kernels.

Keep your face fuzz-free

Beards have gone beyond trend status to become a common fixture in offices and bars, as well as in creative agencies complete with bean bags and blue skies thinking. It doesn't matter.

There are, however, some regulations attached to the newfound green light. Keeping your beard neat, tidy, and well-cared for requires beard trimmers. In addition, they aren't too expensive. The best selling trimmer under budget is easily available in the market.

Become an expert at shaving

It is still acceptable to be clean-shaven, however. This is actually encouraged if you have a jawline like a Givenchy campaign.

Using a shave oil will create a smooth glide for your razor while soaking the blades in hot water will open your pores and reduce redness. Getting a professional shave once a week is the best way to avoid feeling like it's a chore.

Be the best you can be

Even though feet aren't on display all the time, a good foot care routine isn't to be overlooked. Use a pumice stone on any dead skin after bathing or showering (this will make the skin soft), then lather on moisturizer generously.

You can then wear your sharp, utilitarian sandals when summer returns, and your holiday mates will be less disgusted by you.

Dark circles can be tackled

There is no natural way for eyes to carry bags. You'll become Uncle Fester in no time if you burn the candle at both ends.

Dark circles and puffiness around the eyes can be reduced with eye creams and roll-ons. Early bedtime would be better for you.

Your eyebrows need to be sorted

The size of your eyebrows isn't a problem if they meet in the middle, but if they cross at the middle, you're in trouble (and on the middle of your face).

Get rid of monobrows naturally by concentrating on the stragglers you have left. When your barber next sees you, ask him to tidy up your brows, as plucking can be time-consuming. They will offer to help if they are worth their salt.