How to troubleshoot Canon Printer Error Code c000

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How to troubleshoot Canon Printer Error Code c000

Canon printers are famous for their printing speed. These devices are very robust and also provide multifunctionality. New models of Canon printers allow fax and scanning services. You can also take printouts of photographs of good quality. The printer devices work reliably yet sometimes the users face error codes. 

Reasons Behind Canon Printer Error Code c000

  1. The printer is facing runtime error
  2. Canon printer driver is not working
  3. Printer connection error
  4. The user is sending an invalid print job
  5. Canon printer can’t fetch the ink
  6. Error in cartridge installation

Resolving Canon Printer Error Code c000

Run a Printer Troubleshooter

The printer error code c000 appears due to runtime issues. Sometimes runtime errors appear while sending a print job. Due to the error, the printer stops working and shows an error code. The runtime error can be fixed using printer troubleshooting. This PC tool will inspect the runtime error and fix it. After fixing the files, restart the Canon printer and take the printouts.

Reset the Canon Device

The user can try resetting the Canon printer to fix the error code. Sometimes, the user changes the settings, and the printer starts showing the error. For running the printer; the user has to undo the settings. But finding the default settings is difficult. You can use the Canon Printer Reset tool to get printer default settings. Go to the Canon printer control panel and choose Reset.

Click on Soft Reset and select the OK button. The soft reset button will revert only a few settings. If the Canon printer is still not working then go for a factory reset. Choose Soft Reset and then navigate to the Hard Reset option. This function will reset the printer to factory settings. Now all configurations will be gone and the user has to reconfigure his printer. Again, add your Canon printer as a new device. After configuration, give the print command and check printer error code c000.

Power Restart the Canon Printer

The user can try power restarting to fix the error message. If the printer is getting an error due to service issues; restart it. Check the error message and then remove the power cable while the printer is ON. Also, eject the printer cable from the computer and restart it. Reconnect the power cord to Canon and it should run automatically. Connect the printer to the computer and check for the Canon error message. 

Reconnect your Canon device

If the printer is not working; reconnect it. Many times, the printer can’t work due to connection issues. The cable may get faulty and the printer starts showing an error. Use another printer cable (high-speed) for connecting the Canon. Don’t use loose cable or USB port for printer connection. In printer Wi-Fi connection; inspect the access point.

Turn off your router and restart it. Press the printer Wi-Fi button and check the screen for the network name. Select the correct network name for the connection. Go to the computer and search for printer devices. Select Canon from the printer list and complete the connection. Open the file and give the print command. Check your Canon device for the printout.

Run the Malware Scan

If the printer is receiving invalid commands; run malware. The viruses can corrupt the print commands. When the user taps on Print; viruses start interrupting the process. The Canon device can’t read that command and shows the error. You can try running the anti-malware tool to troubleshoot your printer error. Use a good antivirus that can detect all threats from the system. Run the full system scan and then restart the computer. Reopen the file and send a print command to your Canon device.

Check the Ink 

Refill the cartridges if the ink is running out. Don’t use the clone cartridges; the printer may detect them. These cartridges can’t fit correctly and the printer starts showing the error. Get good quality cartridges for your printer. When you are taking printouts after a long time; the ink inside the cartridge may get dry. The printer won’t show a low ink warning but it can't fetch any ink. Remove the cartridge and check the ink. Use a few drops of any solvent and mix it. Shake the cartridge and install it on the printer correctly. Now restart the printer and try fetching the ink from the cartridge. 

Check the fuser

When an error message appears while taking printouts simultaneously; check its fuser. The fuser stops working when it gets overheated. Turn off the Canon device and wait. You can resume printing when the fuser cools down. But when it gets completely burnt, replace it and then take your printouts.