8 Important Tricks to Track the Brand Value of Website

In the upcoming years, websites are the key tools to show your business online and get bookings in a speedy way.

8 Important Tricks to Track the Brand Value of Website

In the upcoming years, websites are the key tools to show your business online and get bookings in a speedy way. Branding websites take the business a superior one. Creating the website is art. 

If you delight the users with the attentive website looks, design, and the wide-range of navigation options, then the users access your website largely. To make your website easily accessible and brand one, it is necessary to be aware of the trends, commonly made mistakes, and tricks to track the brand value. This bog outlines all of these in detail. 

Inspiring Trends to Know Before Web Development

With the evolution of the techniques like animations, visual effects, and graphics, website development focuses on the new trends that make your business front in the market.   Prior to sitting into website design, it is essential to know the top trends that turn your website into a new one. Designers prefer the no-code tools to launch the website for your business in zero time. The trends to know prior to web development are:

Minisites of Delight

Crafting mini-sites gives the time for the designers to be creative. Doing practices with different technologies and a number of attentive ways such as:

  • Playful UX/UI design
  • Easy navigation
  • Speed Interactions 

App-Like Experience

The future aspect of the website design turns to a new dimension where giving an app-like experience is the major demand. The norms of such a type of website are interaction, animation, and dynamic experiences. Besides, bringing energy to the website creates a unique experience for the users. 

Fewer Images

Towards a big visual impact, your website structure is split into hero images and landing pages. Each website and its structure are different. Using images relevant to the evolving trends and customer needs definitely brings the website to the front. Layout, typography, color, and the shape of the images with respect to the real-time needs definitely make the website a superior one. 

Responsible Design

Interactions always make your website a successful one. Responsible motion design is an emerging thing and it is completely a standard practice for futuristic website design. Sometimes excessive motion is confusing, harmful to many, and unnecessary whereas the reduction of motion is also a wonderful option. 

Collage Illustration 

Collage-style illustrations are the most evolved terms on the website. Incorporating the images and collage-style graphics sets the web page as a new one. Besides, the monochromatic effect, tint, and the filtering of the photographs help your brand come to the front in the market. 

To meet the trends evolving in the market, redesign of the website is the essential requirement that encounters many mistakes. 

6 Mistakes to Avoid During Redesign

It is one of the greatest options to start right from zero states. Making improvements to the website with the new tools that improve the workflow of the website. Everybody makes mistakes during the redesign of the website. The mistakes are:

Straight-Away to Design

This is a mistake that everybody makes often. Without having enough knowledge of the technical platforms, going for website design may deviate from your goals. Team up with the enterprise and the skilled experts makes you get the website with attentive metrics. 

Assumption of Wishes of Visitors

The second prominent mistake is that without the study of customer behavior and wishlist, making assumptions regarding the customer wishlist and carrying the small changes in the website induce big reflections in the economy. 

Start Redesign of Website from Outside

The main purpose of the website is to bring more visits. Imposing the contents to the website as per the outside requirements makes you redesign the website attractively. 

Immediate Forget Your Existing Content

On the instant of redesigning the existing website. The chances are that you have a valuable group of existing content and ways to figure out the website redesign in an attractive way. 

Learning Too Hard

Resonating the redesign process with your brand and audience requirements is a key metric. Always users prefer something different and something that stands out. As per this intention framing, the model with suitable learning makes the website visuals good to look at.

Improper Bandwidth Management

The main mistake to address and rectify is the overloading of the website bandwidth with non-fit images. Grabbing and popping the image in the live website without any optimization highly impacts the results. Spending the time to optimize the image carefully to manage the bandwidth quickly. This redesign manages the bandwidth. 

8 Tricks to Track Brand Value of Website

Tracking the brand value of the website and its performance against the competitors essentially depends on smart tricks. 

Visitor Analysis

The measure of how the website is attractive and engaging in your website is the foremost trick. The number of visitors plays a major role in that. Via the catchy content and the images, you analyze the traffic and the visitors to decide the brand value of the website. 

Traffic Source

Places where your visitors came from define the traffic source. Maintaining and promoting the right channels decides the source of the traffic. Once you find the traffic from a particular source, then they are regarded as the top traffic sources. 

Stay Time on Page

If the site owners wish to count more visitors, then the analysis of the stay duration of the visitors on the page is an essential thing. Great visualization of what is your brand and how the brand meets higher limits are the good intentions. 


This metric is an essential one and it measures the total duration for which the visitors are all active on the website. This metric is termed as a good indicator to decide the brand value. 


The average page views per session metrics show how many pages your website visitors browsed and accessed during one session.  

Device Compatibility

The analysis of the website and its compatibility with the devices like PC, tablets, smartphones(Android/iOS), and browsers is also an important trick to gain brand value. 

Interactions Tracking

The interactions per visit are the tricky metric that you monitor continuously to take your website as a high-branding one. Keeping the interactions attractive helps to drive more customers and elevate the brand value beyond expectations. 

Exit Pages

Prior to making the improvements in the web pages, you need to analyze which of the existing pages and the pages abandoning the website flow. Improving these metrics in the web page design definitely scaleup up the visitors and drive your brand value high. 

Concluding Notes

As per research reports, catchy websites bring more visits to your business. Branding is a main focusing metric that brings more traffic to your website. Trends, mistakes to be avoided and the key tricks listed in this blog bring you enough awareness about what your website will be and how to track it. Let's start your branding website page design