10 Marketing Tips to Grow Your Medical Practice

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To sustain a healthy patient volume and stay afloat in this cut-throat competition of the healthcare industry, it is vital for doctors to always stay at the forefront of people's minds. 

You need to reach your potential patients at the right time and place, which is only possible with a robust marketing infrastructure. 

However, with so many marketing strategies and channels available, it can become difficult for professionals and firms to find the right mix. Furthermore, it is also challenging for doctors to keep up with the latest updates in the fast-paced marketing sphere.

Worry not; we have done the heavy lifting for you and listed some of the most lucrative medical practice marketing tips for you. Read on our top tips to boost your patient inflow and strengthen your foothold in the industry.

Actionable Marketing Tips To Follow For Continuous Growth

Know Your Audience

Before curating your marketing campaigns, the first and foremost thing to do before curating your marketing campaigns is to conduct thorough research on your target audience. 

Use the research to create an ideal patient person with details such as gender, location, occupation, marketing channels they utilize, etc. You can also take assistance from professional CRM software to track your patient data and identify new leads.      


Keep Your Patients Happy

While online marketing is vital to growing your medical practice in this era, 'word of mouth is still one of the best marketing strategies in the medical industry.

Nurturing your existing patients with various actions such as email follow-ups or discount offers will be your best bet in the long run. These patients feel cared for, which will enhance brand loyalty. On the other hand, their positive reviews and referrals will attract new patients to your practice. 

Build a Professional Website For Your Practice 

A professionally designed website is your most valuable asset for attracting online patients. Within seconds of opening your site, a patient will form an opinion and decide whether or not to avail of your services.

Therefore, your site should be designed to provide a seamless navigating experience for the users, inspiring them to go ahead with booking an appointment.

It should be - 

  • Well designed
  • Fast loading
  • Mobile-friendly
  • Optimized for SEO
  • Safe & Secure
  • Easy to navigate


Email Marketing

In the era when social media platforms dominate the average daily screen time, 'Emails' still haven't lost their importance. 

Nearly 60% of people check their email inboxes every morning, making email marketing a highly beneficial practice. 

In addition, this marketing strategy is one the easiest, most cost-effective, and easy to personalize techniques to engage with current and potential patients. 

Invest In PPC ADs

While pay-per-click advertisement may seem like an expensive technique, its benefits are undoubtedly worth the cost you pay.  

With PPC Ads, you can reach your patients first by claiming the top space of the search pages. These are strategically targeted, meaning they will bring more relevant leads to your website than any other channel.

Furthermore, these Ad campaigns are highly customizable, and you can personalize them according to your target audience, budget, and preferred duration.

Get Listed On Directories

If you are new to online marketing, this is where you should start. Online directories are like the traditional Yellow book that helps patients locate your business and get information about it. 

The best part about online directories is that this service is offered free by several prominent search engines, including Google, Yahoo & Bing. 


Leverage Social Media

As mentioned above, social applications are the predominant platforms that make up most of the daily screen time. Therefore, by neglecting social media marketing, you might miss out on many prospective patients.

Keep your social media practices a balanced mix of traditional social practices and paid advertisements. This will help you establish a solid online presence and attract several new patients.

Include Doctor Referrals In Your Plan

Who better to recommend a doctor than doctors themselves? 

Doctor referrals are one of the industry's oldest and most powerful offline marketing techniques

Collaborate with doctors providing services related to yours. E.g., if you are a knee surgeon, you should enter a referral program with a physical therapist and vice versa. 

Along with driving in new patients, this marketing strategy is also great for improving industrial relations. 

Track Your Campaigns

Tracking your marketing campaigns will help you identify which strategies work for you and which needs improvement. 

Here are some of the critical metrics you should track:-

  • Source of patients
  • Admission rates
  • Readmission rates
  • Return on investment (ROI)

Establish Authority 

You are already an expert in your field; you need the world to know that. Be active on your social media, stay engaged with the patients, and share your knowledge to establish yourself as an authority at the right platforms.

Once you have successfully done that, staying at the forefront of people will become easier than ever.


In Conclusion

Along with these medical practice marketing strategies, you also need to focus on delivering unmatched services.

From the front desk operator to the medical team, everyone in your clinic/ hospital should follow a patient-centric approach, delivering excellent services. Then there is no stopping your practice from achieving new heights of success.