10 Features to Consider While Developing an Android App

One of the essential factors that instigate and accelerate the web traffic to your mobile application is the overwhelming features.

10 Features to Consider While Developing an Android App

One of the essential factors that instigate and accelerate the web traffic to your mobile application is the overwhelming features. You need to understand that Android is still leading the competition with the preservation of about 85.9% of international market shares.

In fact, last year, Google announced that there were over two billion monthly active devices on Android. If the geographical distribution is taken into consideration, Android dominates the race, leading in primary continents which include Asia, large parts of Europe, and the South American region.

Android Apps are ruling most the business industries such as social media, messaging apps, e-commerce apps, on-demand apps, and business enterprise apps. Therefore, it becomes more than necessary for Android app developers to focus comprehensively and devotedly while integrating the essential features. They want to pay attention to even the minute details because after all, the competition is very stiff.

Moreover, the mobile app development trends continue to renew, offering a scope to add new and fascinating features that draw the user's interest instantly and are customer-friendly as well. There is always an alternative of customizing the features in accordance with the business requisites.

1. Simple and User-Friendly Interface

The first key characteristic that you want to implement in the Android app development is simplicity with a touch of sophistication in the user interface. It needs to be ensured that the app performance is user-friendly, which means that anyone without having prior experience handling a smartphone

You need to keep in mind that most customers form a good or bad impression of the mobile app within a couple of minutes after using it, So, it would be better to simplify the User Interface design and focus on it while creating the wireframes.

The app will be rendered successful if the customers get to the desired page with simply a few taps except waiting too long. So, creating a shortcut for important features would be an added advantage.

With the changing trends, gesture control has become a vital factor of the app that allows app developers to build blocks that include incorporating more recent functionality. It subsequently leads to the enhancement of the user experience.

2. Implementing the Enterprise App Features

Enterprise mobile app development has gained tempo in the recent few years and since it offers a range of venerable advantages, the organizations are regularly showing their intent closer to it.

One of the biggest advantages that it provides is streamlining the business process by enhancing the conversation between the employees and different teams. Secondly, it additionally focuses on providing robust security, which means that your data is safe.

The enterprise apps also provide a messaging or chat-based function so that the employees can interact with one another smoothly. The enterprise apps also have additional points which include CRM, ERP, and SAP integration.

3. Registration or Login Page should be Simple

Most of the mobile applications these days require the customers to register through their email-ids and mobile numbers. They may be requested to create a personal profile permitting the owner to collect the essential data; specifically, if it is an on-demand app.

However, you need to make sure that the registration page is simple and short. The customers may get irritated with longer forms and pointless questions. You should simply stick to your name, mobile number, email id, and if necessary the address.

 4. The Space for User Feedback

User feedback is supposed to be one of the most fundamental factors of your mobile application, which decides whether your brand is a hit or flop show. Allow and encourage more and more people to send you essential comments on your app either via writing comments or through the ratings.

The more feedback you acquire from the potential audience, the greater scope you would get to enhance your app functionalities. It is a fundamental part of the job to consider the performance of your Android app at regular intervals. In fact, this is also a great and positive gesture from the app proprietor and developer showing his issues about the users.

5. Integrating the Social Media Tools

The various platforms of social media are no doubt, one of the great and most effective marketing tools for the Android app promotion. Therefore, it is vital to combine and connects to the social media channels such as Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, where you can promote your app. Also, this grants information about the app updates. The customers can also share their experience of using the app.

6. Fast Loading Speed

One of the top reasons why most mobile applications fail to create an impact in the market is because of their slow loading speed. The customers prefer applications providing quick responses and so when you are incorporating the features for your Android app, you want to maintain this on the top of the priority.

It ensures that the loading speed of your app does not exceed greater than 10 seconds, which can go up to extra than 15 seconds. It should be excessively responsive as well and all features should work properly when tapped upon at any time of the day.

7. Supporting the Multiple Languages

Another striking feature that will provide your Android app the upper hand in the tough race is integrating the support for multiple languages. The implementation of the language has to be determined by the target audience and the part of the world where you would be releasing your app.

It needs to provide support for the majorly spoken global languages such as English, French, Chinese, Spanish, German, others, etc. However, if you are launching the app in the Asian continent then Hindi and Arabic also grow to be important to integrate. The language integration also relies upon the budget of the client.

8. Making it Compact is the Key

The customers frequently complain about the shortage of memory space due to which they are not able to keep their vital data. Now, your role is to address this frequent issue while creating the Android app.

Therefore, what you can do is curtail or compact the size of the app, lots to the delight of your audiences. It is obvious that the bigger the size of the app is, the extra house it would consume, and it would also take a longer time to download or update.

Remember that each update will increase the size of the app as you add additional features and functionalities to serve your clients better. You include the features that no longer exist in the app.

9. Should Work in Offline Mode as Well

It is not possible to get a net connection in all places and remain online 24×7 always. Thus, your Android app needs to provide the facility of offline mode working as well.

You should give the benefit of app usability even when there is no network connection. The customers will simply love to navigate the app features without spending their data.

10. Cloud Computing and Payment Integration

As technology is rapidly progressing, cloud computing considers an essential asset for your Android app. It is a feature that helps to create a quantity of various different apps such as messaging applications etc. It will improve the app's strength and make your app visible in traffic.

In addition, you can also integrate the payment gateway feature. Nowadays, most apps have this function permitting customers to pay for the product or service using the app at once and not using any other tool.


The Android apps today are battling fierce competition in each of the inductors. One of the significant elements that can make your app stand apart in the crowd is offering unique, user-friendly, and simplified features.

The audience today has become quite choosy and so you have to decide on the most necessary features very carefully before implementing them. It would be appropriate to conduct market research and target audience demand.